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Did Takemichi And Hina Break Up 2022

Did Takemichi And Hina Break Up 2022. She tells him that it’s okay for takemichi to cry when he is. He also said that it was because of his selfishness that made them upset, so he decided to settle things on his own.

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It the first timeline she’s the one too dump him, but in the second timeline takemichi breaks up with her , although she never moved on and kept the necklace he gave her. This prolly happened because he was not like the same person she fell in love with it. Hina realized her father has smt to do with it 2

Well They Were About To Get Married But Takemitchy Time Leaps Again But This Time Mikey Is The Trigger And He Goes Back 10 Years Instead Of 12

After the former members of toman leave, hina has a talk with takemichi. Hina is one of the few people takemichi relays on for support, the other being chifuyu. Maitakehina is the poly ship between manjiro sano, takemichi hanagaki and hinata tachibana from the tokyo卍revengers fandom.

He Also Said That It Was Because Of His Selfishness That Made Them Upset, So He Decided To Settle Things On His Own.

He wants hina to be happy and feels that a relationship with a delinquent will not produce this. He recalls that he also took her for granted, which were factors that led to their breakup in the past. Because i just finished reading the part where takemichi dump her and i'm wondering if they got back together 17 comments 100% upvoted log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up sort by:

In The First Timeline, Hina Originally Broke Up With Takemitchi I’m Pretty Sure Because Of Her Father.

Hina has large coral pink eyes and wears her hair dyed in the same color a little longer than before, going beyond her shoulders. When he really was a 14 year old, he constantly worried her and cared little for his. She is seen wearing a long black dress with embroidered flowers.

So If Takemichi Won't Die Then They Will End Up Together?

In the original timeline, before time travelling, hina broke up with takemichi. Takemichi begins to tear up. Although her father apologizes to her, he tells her the same thing he told takemichi:

Because We Saw In The Flashback That Even Though She Broke Up With Him, She Seemed Hurt And Didn’t Want To Do It.

Hina is one of the few people takemichi relies on for support. The kid takemichi never gave up. Hinata tachibana (橘 (たちばな) 日向 (ヒナタ) , tachibana hinata?) is the girlfriend of takemichi hanagaki and the primary reason for takemichi's desire to change the past.

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