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Is Gojo Evil Explained

Is Gojo Evil Explained. After much speculation, it is finally confirmed in chapter #134 that the person, or brain, that is occupying geto's body is actually an infamously evil sorcerer from over 150 years ago, noritoshi kamo. Higuruma hasnt done anything wrong ever #jujutsukaisen #gojo #gojousatoru.

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And, they planned to execute this on 31th october at shibuya. Gojo not only stands out in terms of his powers, but he also has a distinguishing look. His design throws back to that of another popular character from older anime, kakashi hatake, and his attitude is arrogant but.

Will Satoru Gojo Be Unsealed?

While it's tough to call him a villain because of the tragic nature of his character arc, he stood as one of the main obstacles yuji had to face at the outset of his career as a jujutsu sorcerer. He hates the leadership because they just throw away people's lives like nothing. This is a straightforward answer to the question.

But While Gojo Is Way Stronger Than Jogo, And He.

There’s no doubt that gojou satoru is the strongest sorcerer in the world of jujutsu kaisen. And, they planned to execute this on 31th october at shibuya. They went to straight to deciding in killing yuji instead of giving him a chance.

The Sorcerors Around Him And The Cursed Spirit Who View Him As A Threat Have Reiterated This Multiple Times In The Series.

But is that really so? Why does gojo go crazy? Gojo wants the young generation to grow as he stated and thinks it would be a waste for them to die.

The Moment Satoru Gojo Meets Megumi Fushigiro Is One Of These Moments.

10 mahito is creepy, weird, & evil enough to make viewers cringe. Fanon gojo is one of the most evil things the jjk fandom has ever concocted how could you mischaracterize someone so bad 💀. There’s no doubt that akutami has time and again shocked us with twists we never saw coming, so the next one just might be gojo.

No, Satoru Gojo Does Not Die.

What is gojo famous line? You ever think about how absolutely evil and awful gojo could be if he were that type of person? From the very beginning of the series, geto’s plan was to either kill or seal gojo.

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