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Tokyo Revengers Fanfiction Oc 2022

Tokyo Revengers Fanfiction Oc 2022. The bosozoku world (juvenile gangs) seems to be dominated by men, but in this story we meet the leader of a female gang (the scarlet snakes), oc gen iwasaki. Tw / bullying, abuse, and violence.

AllMikey/Mikey Harem Câu Chuyện Quanh Em trong 2021 Hình ảnh, Nhật from

New girl in town//tokyo revengers x oc~undergoing fixing~ 1jiggypiggy1. A girl from a mafia family found herself in the midst of japan's middle school gang war. This is her destiny, that's how she's supposed to live.

He Gave Her A Wink Before Turning Around To Leave The Shop, Leaving Behind A Confused And Flustered Ayana.

A girl from a mafia family found herself in the midst of japan's middle school gang war. Tokyo revengers | mikey x reader | mikey reader | anime/manga fanfic tokyo revengers x fem reader mikey x fem reader cooking. Como seria namorar personagens de animes.

Shut Up And Try Not To Meddle Guys Business The One Who S.

Show all tokyo revengers/東京 リベンジャーズ crossovers filter: The good things ch 2, tokyo revengers/東京 リベンジャーズ | fanfiction. M/n, a boy whose a tad unhinged, gains the attention of a gang after moving back to tokyo, little do they know he had connections with a.

A Girl With A Messy Backstory And A Trust Nobody Way Of Life Bumps Into A Gang Member Who Finds Himself Wanting To Know More About This Strange Girl.

Ladylike (tokyo revengers x femrea. | mitsuya takashi♡ by astelle 15.8k 739 29 you know that i love lavenders?. Mais recentes | mais populares | mais comentadas.

Love All Your Vices | Rindou/Oc Manjiluna.

All contain angst, hurt, some contain fluff and smut (when the parties are over the age of 18) and other topics closely related to the manga/anime. Bonten arc spoilers (tokyo revengers) future timeline: Naoto believed in him so much, he was so certain that takemichi was the one that could save hinata that it felt like he didn't have any other.

Karina Then Meets, Falls, And Gets Involved In The Dangerous Life Of Mikey, The Leader Of The Tokyo Manji Gang.

Sort by popularity filter by name: She doesn't cower in fear or fangirl from a distance like the rest. What happens when she falls off a building and suddenly end.

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