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Will Nobara Die Explained

Will Nobara Die Explained. Choosing to remove her eye and subsequently end her own life. Is junpei yoshino really dead?

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However, this still doesn't mean nobara couldn't have been healed. She admitted that she expected killing came with the job of being a jujutsu sorcerer. It has not been confirmed, and we don’t think she will die just yet.

We Do Not Know When That Is Going To Happen, It’s Still Too Soon To Tell, But Based On What We Know And How Manga And Anime Usually Function, We Think That Nobara’s Chances Of Survival Are Pretty Decent And That We Are Going To See Her Back In Action Very Soon.

After reading chapter 125 it was almost sure that she must have died, but in chapter 127 we can say that there is 50% chance she is alive. This probably means she will return. The following contains spoilers for jujutsu kaisen, chapter #124, by gege akutami, stefan koza and snir aharon, available now in english from viz media.

However, The Facts Are Still There And They Are Not Looking Good.

The only derivable conclusion from these sequences of events is that nobara had truly died during her fight against mahito. 2021.03.09 2021.03.07 to get straight to the point, kugisaki nobara died. She can come back to life at any time to seek revenge on mahito.

The Author Akutami Gege Showed Up On A Japanese Tv Program And Told About Nobara’s Death.

Jujutsu kaisen' s cranks up the action as itadori and kugisaki. Nobara kugisaki is a fictional character and the deuteragonist of gege akutami’s anime/manga series, jujutsu kaisen. That is not entirely impossible, as we saw the same happen with yuji during his fight against yuta.

However, This Still Doesn't Mean Nobara Couldn't Have Been Healed.

To provide more clarification to the situation, he stated that there was a lack of hospitals in shibuya. She is a first year jujutsu high student along with yuji itadori and megumi fushiguro. This very well seems like nobara has truly died, and megumi just could not bring himself to say it out loud.

We Did Not See Nobara Die, Which Probably Means That She Is Going To Come Back.

Theory 1 the first theory that nobara is still living is that no one has announced her death. The simple answer is no, nobara kugisaki is not dead. The scene of her death is described from episodes 125 to 126 in the jujutsu kaisen manga.

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